Your translation agency in Graz

Language means for me passion, culture, identity, and much more. For what makes a language unique is often what lies between the lines.

To best express these subtleties for you across all media, I rely not only on my professional expertise but also my many years of experience and my excellent feel for the language.

I love digging into the details for my clients. Together with my team of trained native speakers, I search through suitable terms until I find exactly the right word for the right situation.

You will find this level of quality in every line.

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”

Mark Twain


In the language pairs German-English and English-German, my team and I offer you expert translations with pinpoint accuracy. The main focus of my translation services is on the fields of medicine, industry, adult education, tourism, and marketing.

Together with my network of fellow translators, I can also provide services for multilingual projects (for instance, websites in English, Italian, and French).

Do you need a translation from German to English or vice versa?

Then the best way is to simply send me your text as a Word document or PDF and let me know your preferred deadline. I will then send you a quote based on my standard line price as soon as possible.


Do you never find time to proofread your company templates? Are you tired of unnecessary typos or poorly constructed sentences in your mailings or translations?

With an eagle eye for detail and a feel for nuances of style and expression, I ensure that your texts gleam with the luster of perfection. Depending on your wishes and needs, my services can extend from just proofreading (checking for spelling and grammar) to more extensive editing. In the latter case, you will receive suggestions from me on wording, logical consistency, and style.

Send me your text documents, and I will promptly send you a quote for editing, proofreading, or both.

Language and Grammar Training

in German and English

Do you feel uncomfortable making professional phone calls in German, or would you be interested in customized sample emails in English for your business correspondence? Are you supposed to give a corporate presentation in German or English and you’re still not sure what words to use?

For years, I’ve been helping people of all levels improve their command of the German and English language. In addition, I have also been teaching “German as a Foreign Language” participants to communicate in German professionally and error free.

ÖSD/ÖIF Test Preparation

(Austrian Language Diploma/Austrian Integration Fund)

Are you studying for an upcoming ÖSD or ÖIF exam and need individual assistance? As a certified examiner for ÖSD (all levels) and ÖIF (DTÖ/B1 integration exam), I can get you best prepared for the written and oral sections of the exam.

In my one-on-one or group training sessions, I rely on my many years of teaching experience at the University of Graz (English, Deutsch als Fremdsprache/German as a Foreign Language) and at private language schools.

No matter what communication challenge you are facing, we are sure to find a customized solution that meets your needs.


In our fast-paced business world, things must often be done quickly. Sometimes an abstract is a lot more useful than translating a lengthy text line by line. Abstracts are mainly used when it’s a matter of conveying the gist of the content.

Depending on your requirements, I offer my abstract service either in the source language or the desired target language. Thus, in no time, you have a clear and easily understandable summary that you can use for presentations or to study.

Send me your text document either in Word or PDF and I will send you a customized quote.

Voice-over Artist

Language in a written and a spoken form is my passion—and I derive great pleasure in offering my voice to my clients. For I believe that it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that shapes the image of your company, or the associations people make with your products and services.

As a voice-over artist for commercials, jingles, telephone messages, or audio books, I lend my voice to your projects.

You want to make your recordings in a professional recording studio? Together with Soundlarge Studios in Graz, I can coordinate the whole process from the original idea to the final recording.

Want to make your voice heard? Then let me speak for you.